Over 100 delegates from more than 15 different countries joined us for our 2019 World Trichology Conference in Toronto, Canada to “Learn From The Best”. Our delegates enjoyed two full days of unparalleled access to the most significant trichology information and strategies, and they connected with other Trichology practitioners who shared their passion for improving hair loss outcomes for their patients.

Our keynote speakers, leaders in their respective fields, presented informative and illustrative lectures on hair loss, hair thinning, scalp health, traditional and alternative treatments, hair replacement therapies, and much more.

From top left to right: Dr. Rodney Sinclair, Dr. Jeff Donovan, Dr. Renée A. Beach, Dr. Rajesh Rajput IAT, Dr. Neel Bector, Chelcey Salinger, Evie Johnson IAT, Penny James IAT, Kaylene Fitzgerald IAT, Caroline Ruggiero IAT, Tracie Radford IAT, Ozzie Vera, Muli Musyoka IAT, Guillaume Rosa, and Peter Feldman IAT