Monday, June 17th 

8:45am Dr. Renee Beach    

Afro Textured Hair: Principles, Grooming Practices, And Most Common Hair Pathologies (Diagnoses And Treatments)

9:45am Dr. Rodney Sinclair    

Alopecia Areata: How, When, Why And What


11:00am Dr. Neel Bector  

The Role Of PRP In Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

11:45am Dr. Rodney Sinclair    

Treatment Of Pattern Hair Loss

12:30pm LUNCH

1:30pm Dr. Rajesh Rajput

Update: The Relevance Of Nutrition To Hair Loss

2:15pm Dr. Rodney Sinclair

Androgenetic Alopecia And Telogen Effluvium: New Insights Into The Pathogenesis And Treatment


3:30pm Guillaume Rosa     

Chemotherapy & Cranial Radiation Térapo Médik™ Well Being Care Kit: Specially Formulated For Sensitive Scalps Due To Chemotherapy And Cranial Radiation Therapy Treatments

3:55pm Tracie Radford IAT

Transitioning From A Cosmetologist To A Full-Time Trichologist

4:20pm Penny James IAT

Recent Client Case Studies

4:45pm Evie Johnson IAT

The Treatment Of Scarring Alopecia

6 - 7:30pm Meet and Greet Social (Drinks & Light Fare)

The Port House Social Bar & Kitchen, 139 Lakeshore Road E, Mississauga

Tuesday, June 18th 

9:00 to 9.45am and 9:45 to 10:30am  (Breakout Sessions)

Caroline Ruggiero IAT

Scarring And Permanent Alopecia: What Can Be Done Beyond Medical And Trichological Therapy

Ozzy Vera   

Handling Hair Loss With Cancer Sufferers: How To Conduct A Thorough Consultation Over The Phone With Patients Suffering Hair Loss From Cancer Prior To Their Visit; Understanding The Patient’s Hair Loss And Psychosomatic Issues, And The Steps To Make You Stand Out

10:30am    MORNING BREAK

11:00am   Dr. Jeff Donovan   

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia: Why Has It Increased? What Causes It? What Are The Best Therapies?

11:45am   Chelcey Salinger      

Exercise And Inflammation


12:10pm   Peter Feldman IAT

Scientific Publications On Hair Loss - Why The Results Don’t Always Add Up

12:30pm   LUNCH


1:30pm     Dr. Jeff Donovan

How Does Stress Affect The Hair?


2:15pm     Dr. Jeff Donovan

Is Inflammation The Cause Of More Problems Than We Realize?


3:30pm     Kaylene Fitzgerald IAT        

Blending Trichology And Dermatology.


4:00pm     Muli Musyoka IAT        

What We Are Doing In Kenya

4:30pm     Dr. Shawon Gullette IAT      

Trichoscopy – The Correlation Of What You See Through The Lens And Scalp Conditions

*The conference schedule is subject to change and will be updated as necessary.*