Hair Practitioner's Certificate Course


This course is designed for individuals who are associated with the hair industry and want more in-depth knowledge of the hair, how it is affected by chemical processes and, finally, information about some common hair loss problems. The first part of this course is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the physical and chemical processes of the hair and scalp. We will then discuss how chemical processes to the hair can lead to hair breakage. Finally, we will discuss the most common hair loss problems that can affect the hair. The course is a home-study course.

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The lessons are:

  • Lesson One: Functions and structures of the skin

  • Lesson Two: Glands of the skin

  • Lesson Three: The chemistry and physiology of the hair

  • Lesson Four: Nervous and circulatory support systems

  • Lesson Five: Amino acids and bonds in the hair

  • Lesson Six: pH

  • Lesson Seven: Cystine, cysteine and permanent waving

  • Lesson Eight: Colouring and decolouring

  • Lesson Nine: Diffuse hair loss

  • Lesson Ten: Genetic hair loss in men and women

  • Lesson Eleven: Microscopy

  • Lesson Twelve: Scarring alopecia

The text is illustrated with diagrams and photos. 

The goal is to give you some basic knowledge about the hair and scalp so that you can then understand how internal and external factors can cause hair loss and hair breakage. The course consists of a the text, photos and diagrams, plus 6 lectures – Relevance of pH, Disulphide Bond, Patches of Baldness, The Hair and Scalp, Diffuse Hair Loss, and The Microscope. 

Once you have completed the course, you will sit for your exam either under supervision OR via the internet. There is no time limit for the course – you go at your own speed.

The cost of US$375 for this course can be credited towards the full trichology certificate course should you decide to continue your studies.


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