Carienne Hew, Singapore

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I have been in the hair care industry for the past 12 years. At the end of 2012, I decided to upgrade myself by studying with IAT. Regarding the course, I was really impressed with the modular study and the webinars, which made the modules much easier to understand.

During the clinical training, my trainer didn’t just teach me about the skills and the right way to conduct the consultation but also taught me the importance of telling the truth to patients, giving them the correct information, and being as positive as possible with the patient. I learned that passion and knowledge are critical.

I have really enjoyed the process of learning and appreciated my trainer and my fellow clinical training mate, Dr. Deirdre from South Africa, for sharing their professional knowledge and experiences in hair, scalp, and medicine with me.

For the first time, my husband and I attended the IAT’s Annual Conference in Brisbane, Australia. We had the chance to meet other people who are also specialising in hair care. We shared information and networked with each other, which is important from a business point of view. There were some wonderful lectures ranging from business development of hair care to new technology in hair transplantation, new products, and updated hair and scalp research information. The most impressive lecture for me was about the business coaching in the hair care industry. I learned a lot from this Conference. Thanks to the organisers and the speakers who put their efforts into this conference.
— Carienne Hew, Singapore

Joanne Cunningham, Manchester, U.K.

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I worked in a trichological clinic with my husband for many years but did not take any formal training whilst my children were young. When I decided to begin training I looked at several options on courses with different organisations that were on offer. I decided to study with the IAT because their course was user-friendly and my initial interaction with the IAT was excellent. The modules were easy to follow and understand, and help was always on hand. The modules were well structured and crammed with sequential information. The training was also revision-based after each module, which I think is extremely important. The knowledge I gained during training gave me added confidence and I am more able to understand and empathise with my patients.
The regular “Updates” that are provided to members and students are a terrific source of information that is not available to a Trichologist under normal circumstances. As I stated earlier, I did look at several trichology training options and, on that basis, would only recommend training with the IAT. This programme enthuses the trainee who ultimately wants to practise trichology.
— Joanne Cunningham, Manchester, U.K.

Janne Scougall-Hunt, Brisbane, Australia

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I started my career as a hairdresser, operating my own salon for many years. I always enjoyed hairdressing science and, after attending my first “Introduction to Trichology” seminar in 1980, I became interested in studying trichology; I found the subject fascinating and qualified as a member of the I.A.T. in 1985. Since that time, I have operated my own trichology clinic in Brisbane, Australia. I enjoy being able to help my patients and this proves to be an extremely rewarding experience; the gratitude they display is very pleasing. Often times they have already tried many other treatments to no avail before consulting with me; our nutritional and supplementation approach to their problems has proved to be very successful. Trichology has opened many doors for me, especially in the area of teaching, and I find this a thoroughly enjoyable extension to my clinical practice. Over the years I have been very fortunate to develop many special, long term friendships with fellow trichologists and there has always been, and will always be, a strong support network between us all. Trichology is a very specialised field and I am sure that all who study and practice this science will embrace and enjoy this very rewarding career, as I have done.
— Janne Scougall-Hunt, Brisbane, Australia

Sharon Clohesy, USA

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I would rate the IAT training program as highly professional and packed with valuable information. Throughout my studies, the IAT program gave me a supportive community of fellow students and instructors. And once I became a certified trichologist and member of IAT, that community keeps extending outward, locally and internationally. I now have the opportunity to collaborate with a widening circle of professionals who share my dedication and commitment to helping clients.
— Sharon Clohesy, USA

Nguyen Thanh Huyen, Vietnam

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I did not understand deeply why there were so many types of hair loss. I could not find any hospital or clinic in Vietnam that could cure hair loss effectively. So, I searched on the internet and I found the IAT through the website.

IAT trained hair and scalp specialists, so I registered online, and studied hard. The knowledge I learnt from the documents, books, and videos supplied by the IAT helped me enormously to understand the hair loss and scalp problems.
— Nguyen Thanh Huyen, Vietnam

Esohe E. Dan-Aighewi, Nigeria

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Switching from Law to trichology was not much of a problem as the modules and recommended books made it easy for me to understand my new area of study. I also loved that the IAT allowed me to study at my own pace so I had a lot of time to read more and outside of what I was given.

Meeting David Salinger, Dr Meha Mhatre., Dr Rajesh Rajput, and Dr Ashith Shah during my clinic training in India helped a lot as they tutored us not just about trichology practise but also, importantly, about starting and running a business which was a relatively new area for me. I would forever be grateful to them as their advice has been very helpful, especially in my first two years of practise. Another plus was that I was able to reach out to them whenever I needed help or a second opinion on cases.
— Esohe E. Dan-Aighewi, Nigeria

Megan Yabsley, Australia

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Being a member of the IAT has served me well and has kept me up-to-date and educated on all things to do with hair and scalp over the years. Throughout my association with the IAT, I have met and networked with trichologists from all over the world, providing me with an invaluable collection of knowledge, experience and associates with whom I can share and discuss all things trichology. The IAT has also provided the opportunity to travel to various places around the world such as Sao Paulo - Brazil, Mumbai - India, Singapore, Malaysia, Adelaide, Sydney, Hobart - Australia, Washington DC- USA and Auckland- New Zealand.
— Megan Yabsley, Australia

Aishah Bilal, USA

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Early on in my Cosmetology career, I observed that a high percentage of new clients had one or more hair loss and/or scalp issues ranging from slight to advanced. In order to better serve these clients, I began to research hair loss and scalp disorders (identification, causes, and solutions). Ultimately, I sought out a professional credential in that area of expertise. After comparing several trichology programs, I determined that the International Association of Trichologists (IAT) program was right for me. The curriculum was comprehensive, created for use in the salon industry, allowed me to complete my coursework at home and offered a clinical component. Certification as a trichologist has enabled me to identify problems early, tailor solutions to individuals and achieve improvements for my clients and the clients of other stylists. I have become the resident hair loss specialist for multiple salons.
— Aishah Bilal, USA

Jennifer Maynard-Jaimungal, Trinidad, West Indies

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I have a long history in cosmetology. I passed the Beauty Culture examinations in 1990, and started doing cosmetology on a part time basis, since I was in charge of a School Science Laboratory. This combination of science and cosmetology served as an impetus for further knowledge and understanding of hair care and hair products. I began searching for answers.

Trichology provided these answers.

In 2004, having successfully completed the International Association of Trichology programme, I opened a Hair and Scalp Clinic. I am committed to improving the hair and scalp condition of my patients who are faced with several challenges in this area.

The knowledge I have gained from the programme has allowed me to treat my patients with added confidence, having the ability to diagnose problems which they experience. The structure of the programme, with its detailed syllabus and hands on clinical training has provided me with a rich foundation on which to build my new career.

The Association continues to provide ready support and advice when the need arises. I would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to further their knowledge and understanding of hair and scalp problems.
— Jennifer Maynard-Jaimungal, Trinidad, West Indies

Dr. Apoorva Shah, IAT

Mumbai, India

I owe all my success and fame to the training I received from the IAT. Our association with IAT and trichology has proven to be a turning point in our lives.
— Dr. Apoorva Shah, IAT Mumbai, India