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International Association Of Trichologists (IAT) Presents

World Trichology
Conference 2024

The International Association of Trichologists (IAT) presents

World Trichology Conference 2024

The 2024 World Trichology Conference is now open for bookings!

Dubai, Dusit Thani, November 3rd and 4th

This year the world trichology conference will be hosted in the one-of-a-kind city of Dubai!

After our last two wonderful conferences in Iceland and London, Dubai will be an exciting change. November is the perfect time of year for visiting Dubai, with milder temperatures.

The conference is at the 5 star Dusit Thani Dubai on November 3rd and 4th, a Sunday and Monday.

The first day will be lectures and the second day lectures and workshops.

On the Sunday night, we are holding a gala dinner at the beautiful Shangri-La, which is close to the conference hotel. This is a separate payment and we hope you and your guests will attend.

Many of our members will be lecturing and sharing their experiences at the conference.

We will also have a session where you can all contribute your thoughts and questions. Please submit any discussion points, questions for other trichologists or interesting cases to
Photos or images are welcomed.

Please find out now if you require a tourist visa to visit the United Arab Emirates.

Most big cities will have direct flights to Dubai.

Please contact Chelcey at with any questions.

The International Association of Trichologists produced the first trichology course offered in the USA and is the only trichology course in the world developed at a university (the University of Southern California). The IAT is a non-profit membership association and education provider for Trichologists.

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Dr Lucas Fustinoni Brazil/USA
Top vitamins and nutraceuticals for androgenetic alopecia: a review

Charlotte Lucas UK
The Gut Microbiome -what we know, what we don’t and why it matters when it comes to hair health

Dr Yusuf Assem Australia
Natural Regenerative Therapeutic Interventions – A deep dive into PRP

Dina Moreira Angola
How to build a brand as a trichologist

Kay Fitzgerald Australia
The basics on alopecia areata – interaction between hair follicles, the immune system and the inflammatory response

Dr Rajesh Rajput India/USA
Hair loss due to pollution – the mechanism and the role of nutrition in these cases

Chelcey Salinger Australia
Interesting case studies and treatment pathways

Jason McRae Australia
Running the HPCC and bridging the gap between hairdressing and Trichology

Eva Proudman UK
Commercial success in trichology

Caroline Ruggiero Canada
Polarized Light Microscopy and its practical application in patient treatment and tracking

Dr Archana Rao UK
Deconstructing hair loss in menopause

Dr Maria Laura Bovcon Argentina
Biochemistry in touch hair therapy

Workshop Presenters

Zahra Darwish UAE
Aromatherapy in trichology

Dr Mike Ryan UAE

Carienne Hew Singapore
Massage and eastern scalp therapy techniques

IAT facilitated Q&A session
please submit your interesting or challenge case studies or general discussion points to

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