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Become a Professional Member of the IAT

We have 2 membership options:
Practicing Member USD $250/year or
Non-Practicing Member – USD $150/year

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Why become a member of the IAT?

  • Being an IAT member, gives you credibility as a trichologist.
  • This allows you to call yourself an ‘IAT certified trichologist’ and use the certified trichology logo. The qualification is recognised worldwide.
  • Practising members are listed on the IAT website.
  • Being a member shows potential patients that you keep up to date with the latest research and evidence. Members are continually sent information updates, which summarise the latest information on hair and scalp problems.
  • The IAT is recognised as the most international trichology training organisation.
  • Special price for annual conferences.
  • World networking opportunities.
  • Help and advice available to members.
  • Your membership fees support an organisation that supports you.
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